David Pannell

Director Nucroft  |  Manufacturing Ambassador for CIM Yorkshire


David Pannell works with manufacturing and industrial companies to transform how they approach their marketplace; from marketing strategies and communications, through to introducing innovative new business models to take a manufacturing company from the everyday to high-growth brilliance.

With over 20 years’ experience, David acts as the The Chartered Institute of Marketing‘s Manufacturing Ambassador in Yorkshire and is also the director of www.nucroft.com

Recent videos

Branding for Manufacturers

If you are not winning the right type of work, or attracting new employees into your business, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your company’s brand.

‘Branding’ doesn’t easily make it onto the agenda in a manufacturing company’s boardroom.  In this 20 minute video, The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador Dave Pannell explains why the way your company presents itself is vital in the modern world, and how engineering and manufacturing companies can improve their branding, both online and off. 

Servitisation for Manufacturers

Servitisation is the biggest ‘big idea’ since just-in-time and lean manufacturing practices emerged in the 1980s. It offers you the promise of higher profits and competitive advantages. But you’re probably worrying about the potential implications for your company if you embark on a servitisation journey.

In this 15-minute video, The CIM’s Manufacturing Ambassador for Yorkshire Dave Pannell talks with Business Growth Expert Mark Prince about what sevitisation is, and how you can gain a competitive advantage by creating a service-based business model.

Engage with David

If you are a manufacturing or engineering business and want to talk about improving your company’s approach to your marketplace, email David direct on david@nucroft.com

If you are a manufacturing group or organisation looking for an engaging partner to speak on marketing, changing cultures or digital adoption, then David is an experienced speaker for the EEF, CIM, The Chamber of Commerce and other local manufacturing organisations.